Readers, it has been a while. After a frantic couple of weeks winding down my to-do list at work, I’m now on sabbatical to complete a M.Sc. at Carleton for the next 12 months. I’m still pinching myself.

Of course, with September rolling around I am also conscious of the need to wrap up my final few branches before the cold weather starts in earnest. With that in mind, I set out for St-Laurent on an overcast Wednesday afternoon.

I set out across the farm, crossed at the locks near Carleton, and continued along the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway all the way to Clegg Street.

From Clegg, I rode through Old Ottawa East along Main Street, then turned to ride through the Saint Paul University campus to Lees. I crossed the Rideau River on the pathway that runs just south of the Queensway and joined the Rideau River Eastern Pathway to ride to Donald Street.

I rode along Donald Street, passing a fellow uOttawa librarian by chance (small world!), then turned north to wiggle through Vanier to St-Laurent branch, which is on Côté Street.

St-Laurent branch is part of a much larger recreation complex. There was a bike repair stand, large splash pad and playground outside, and plenty of families coming and going from the building. After a tour around the building to admire the sights, I made a quick stop at another uOttawa colleague’s new house to admire the in-progress kitchen renos before heading home in the rain.

Twenty eight branches down, 5 to go.