It’s hard to believe, but I’m in the home stretch now. With only five branches remaining, including an easy win close to home, it was time to tackle my final mid-distance ride and head out to Kanata to see Ottawa’s newest branch. I headed out of Central Park, passing the intersection of Bonnie and Clyde on my way through Copeland Park and west to Iris Street.

I took a new-to-me route behind IKEA, then turned onto Morrison Drive, eventually meeting the Watts Creek Pathway at Holly Acres Road.

The Watts Creek Pathway was new-to-me this year, and I’ve really enjoyed using it to head west toward Kanata and Bells Corners. The leaves were starting to turn, another sign that my summer project will be coming to a close in the next couple of weeks.

Before long, I saw the first signs of Kanata. Beaverbrook branch is located on Campeau Drive on the eastern side of town, so it didn’t take long for me to ride to the branch once I was through the Greenbelt.

Beaverbrook was extensively renovated in 2013-2014, and it is a beautiful library with plenty of natural light and art reflecting the local community. Christopher Griffin’s 13 turtle sculptures and mural, together called Blanding’s Turtles of the South March Highlands, grace the entrance to the branch. There was also a huge bank of bike racks near the entrance.

I broke with tradition on this trip and ventured inside the branch. While the libraries have been gradually reopening and expanding their services over the summer, the timing was right on this ride to take a moment and look around inside. I was glad I did — I had a lovely chat with branch staff and was able to see more art inside. With this trip under my belt, there are just four to go, three of which I’m planning to tackle in one go. What a ride.

Twenty nine branches down, 4 to go.