Emerald Plaza

Have you ever set out to do a wacky thing, and then marvelled that it really happened? That was my COVID-19 summer bike adventure.

I saved my local branch for last. Emerald Plaza is a neighbourhood library in a nondescript commercial strip on Merivale Road, but it’s one of my favourites in the city. Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. The real heart of Emerald Plaza is the staff.

In fact, several of those staff members were outside to say hello when I rode up. So were Alex and Barb, Twice Upon a Time board members (and friends!) who were ready with balloons and bikes. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer reception at branch #33.

In many ways, I think Tour de Branch was the perfect way to cope during the uncertain summer of COVID. The challenge provided a great excuse to leave the house, test my physical and mental limits, and explore every corner of Ottawa. A supportive group of friends and family kept me pedalling, met me for lunch, and ordered pizza after the longest rides. Thank you.

Thirty three branches down, 0 to go, and $1900 for a great cause. 😊