[ This is part two of a two-part trip to Munster and Richmond branches. ]

After a lovely stop at Munster branch, it was time to hit the road once again and head to my second stop: Richmond.

Munster and Richmond are only about 11 km apart, and it was a quick L-shaped ride to find Richmond at the end of Franktown Road.

Richmond branch was one of the first branches I’ve biked to that was open for more than picking up holds. While the parking lot was quiet, the lights were on and there were a couple of cars in the lot.

After a short lunch break, I picked up the tour again to ride along Old Richmond Road. The sun was out, but the temperature wasn’t hot. Fall was most certainly on the way to Eastern Ontario.

Before I knew it, I was back to the new roundabout at Old Richmond Road and West Hunt Club. From there, I cruised back into town following the same routing as my trip out: through Nepean, across Centrepointe and back along the Experimental Farm Pathway.

Twenty seven branches down, 6 to go.