After a long week, I felt that a post-supper pedal into town would do me some good. I set off for Rideau Branch without a route in mind, happy to explore a bit and see where I ended up.

After cycling through the farm, I cruised along Dow’s lake and the Rideau Canal Western Pathway. There were several people out on the water enjoying the sunny evening.

I crossed the canal at the University of Ottawa, and rode through a very quiet campus into Sandy Hill. From there, it was just a short ride down to Rideau Street to find the library.

Rideau branch was my local library for my first five years in Ottawa, and I have fond memories of walking over and picking up my holds.

I took a detour through the market for an ice cream cone, then rode west along Wellington Street to visit LAC and the site of the new joint library.

I then continued west along Albert Street, then turned onto the Trillium Pathway through Little Italy and onto Carling Avenue.

Carling Avenue was a little steeper than I remembered, but I was able to crawl up the bus lane without too much traffic. Once I crested the hill, it was a quick ride past the Civic Hospital to Fisher Avenue, where I rode back to the farm in the sunset.

Twenty one branches down, 12 to go.