Nepean Centrepointe

I was ready for a quiet day, so I figured I’d stay close to home and take care of an errand I’d been waiting to run since mid-March: returning my library books. I packed up a pannier and set off for Centrepointe.

My route was an easy one and largely on bike paths, which was a nice break from the more road-intensive rides I’ve been doing lately. I joined the Experimental Farm Pathway from Central Park and headed west. The first portion of the pathway is largely forested; just past Maitland it runs though a field with a little less shade.

After crossing Woodroffe at the fire station, I continued north toward Baseline Station and biked through a parking lot to reach my final destination. This route mercifully avoids Baseline Road altogether, and I enjoyed seeing some greenery along the way.

I pulled up to Nepean Centrepointe from the “back”, then biked around to the front entrance. Much like at Ruth E. Dickinson, staff were ready with boxes and taped off physical distancing lines to receive all of the items being returned. With dreams of ice cream on my mind, I did a quick circuit around Centrepointe before returning home along the pathway.

Four branches down, 29 to go.