[ This is part two of a three part tour to Greely, Metcalfe and Vernon branches. ]

After my lunch in Greely, it was time to press on to Metcalfe. While Bank Street is by far the most direct route, I wouldn’t recommend it for cycling. The shoulder was unpaved and the traffic was moving quickly, but I was glad to have a well-lit electric blue bike and bright t-shirt to increase my visibility.

Fortunately, I was able to turn off of Bank Street fairly soon to ride along Victoria Street into Metcalfe.

The library is on 8th Line Road, right next door to Osgoode Township High School. It was closed when I was there on a Wednesday, but the wi-fi was on and I was glad to have a moment to relax before continuing on to Vernon.

Thirty one branches down, 2 to go.