I went back “to” work today after my vacation. In COVID times, my commute has been shortened to a walk to my spare bedroom, so I was keen to take advantage of the long June days to go for a bike ride before sunset. I felt like a ride downtown, and decided to plan my route to Main branch.

From my home in Central Park, I headed across the Central Experimental Farm with a special detour to see the cows eating their supper. From there, I joined Prince of Wales Drive at the roundabout and proceeded down the hill in the bike lane to meet the entrance to the Trillium Pathway, which runs close to the O-Train tracks toward Bayview Station.

The Trillium Pathway passed along Preston Street for a spell, but the bidirectional lane ended abruptly to head back toward the rail line. I opted to continue along Preston Street, and made my way to Somerset Street where I turned right and headed up the hill through Chinatown.

From Somerset Street, I turned left on Bronson Avenue and then right to join the Laurier Avenue bike lane. It was very quiet downtown, almost eerie, and I felt for restaurant owners without patios. I soon pulled up to Main branch, who have begun offering curbside drop-offs and pick-ups.

From the library, I continued east on Laurier Avenue, passed City Hall, and turned onto the Rideau Canal Western Pathway to head home.

I proceeded south on the pathway, passing the Flora Footbridge and Lansdowne Park before catching the most gorgeous view of the sunset over Dow’s Lake.

After Dow’s Lake, I retraced my path up the Prince of Wales hill (unpleasant), then across the farm (much more pleasant) and home.

Seven branches down, 26 to go.