Fitzroy Harbour

[ This is part one of a three-part tour to Carp, Fitzroy Harbour and Constance Bay branches. ]

After completing my usual routine at the Carp branch and cycling back out past the barbed-wire Diefenbunker fence, I proceeded north on Carp Road toward my final destination for the day: Fitzroy Harbour and the provincial park next door.

This is quite a pleasant drive, riding along some gentle country hills with a few twists and turns along the way. From the bike it was a little dodgier, with an unpaved shoulder and fast cars.

Midway to Fitzroy Harbour, somewhere between the Thomas A. Dolan Parkway and Kinburn Side Road, I veered off onto the gravel and skidded onto the pavement, suffering my first-ever road rash (not pictured, probably a good thing). Traffic was non-existent, and I was able to brush myself off and apply a makeshift dressing to the bigger gashes on my left shin. Thank you, little first aid kit! I was more-or-less OK, the bike seemed fine, and I tentatively set off again with a bit more attention to the edge of the road.

The Fitzroy Harbour branch is co-located with the community centre and was very quiet, although I did see some residents using the wi-fi in the parking lot. Fitzroy Harbour is a charming community, and I spent some time riding around before heading to the park.

It was just a short ride to Fitzroy Provincial Park, which I entered from a pathway in the town rather than the main entrance. I was able to check in easily enough and set up my campsite with ample time to kick up my feet and relax before nightfall. The ebike was fabulous for hauling firewood and kindling (two separate trips to the Park Store) and my portable hammock was a major addition this time around. I finished one ebook from OPL, started another, and had a very enjoyable evening.

Twenty three branches down, 10 to go.