Elmvale Acres

Having spent most of the day indoors, I was looking forward to a little pre-supper bike ride and social visit. To Elmvale Acres!

I left my neighbourhood and cruised through the farm as usual, then continued onto Heron Road to the entrance to Vincent Massey Park. I then followed the Rideau River Eastern Pathway through the park, past Carleton, and along Riverside Drive to Smyth Road.

I left the pathway at Smyth Road, and cycled up the hill along the bike lane into Alta Vista. If you like hospitals and schools, have I got the road for you.

My friend and fellow library person Jessica was waiting on her front lawn with cool drinks. I should really bike to Elmvale Acres more often.

Jessica and family are frequent visitors to Elmvale Acres branch, and they showed me some of their favourite cookbooks (presciently checked out pre-pandemic). Vowing to give “Cake Magic” a try someday, I said goodbye and headed down the street to the library.

Elmvale Acres is located in a large plaza with a grocery store, liquor store, pharmacy and several other services and restaurants. I did a quick tour of the parking lot (under construction) and headed back around the building.

I chose not to cycle back along Smyth, opting instead for Pleasant Park Road. This proved to be much more pleasant. Pleasant Park ends at Riverside Drive, where there was a connection to rejoin the Rideau River Eastern Pathway.

I followed the same route home, passing Carleton and Vincent Massey Park before turning toward the farm.

Eighteen branches down, 15 to go.